One Month Down, Nine to Go

Congratulations Viking Nation,

You have officially made it through the toughest part of school (other than exam weeks), month one! As the leaves start drifting through the sky and begin to discolor, summertime sadness officially has begun kicking in… Although the stigma of school is usually negative, Student Council has implemented a new type of pep rally for the end of every month.

You may have been a little petrified by the enthusiasm of some when you entered the doors on Friday, September 30th but I promise you, it is all GOOD INTENTIONS. Expect Stuco to be there the last Friday of every month to celebrate the completion and accomplishment of the months past. On Friday, October 28th we will be holding a “Breast Cancer Awareness” day as well as the rally at the beginning of school. Our plans is to decorate the front hall in all pink and be accepting donations for a Breast Cancer Fund.

Image result for breast cancer awareness month

We are so proud of all students here at the new WHS and we plan to continue this streak of happiness and service for all of you. We bleed blue and gold.

Roll Vikes!

Winthrop High School, Student Council Executive Board




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