What are you Thankful for?

Good morning fellow bloggers,

Today in class we were asked to write about what we are thankful for considering Thanksgiving is two days away! I encourage you to reflect upon yourself and past events and also answer these questions. Here are some of my thoughts!

What are you thankful for that has happened in the past. Reflect on different aspects of your life that you feel gratitude towards.

I am thankful for being so fortunate to have the opportunity of attending the National Association of Student Councils conference in Portland Oregon. I attended this conference this past June and it was hands down the best experience I have ever had in my entire life! The people that I have met around the world made me realize all of the beauty that this world has to offer. I had the chance to meet new people, rekindle old relationships, but most importantly, reflect upon myself as who I am and what my purpose is in this world. I am so fortunate that I had the opportunity to represent Massachusetts as State Vice President and give all those a voice who may not have had the opportunity for theirs to be heard. I will forever remember this experience and from that I grew as a leader and person. I am thankful.

What are you currently thankful for and why are you thankful? What are you currently feeling gratitude towards?

I am thankful at this moment for being accepted to college and having the opportunity to follow my dreams with this wonderful privilege. I am now so fortunate to be able to further my education and make a life out of myself and also be able (in the long run) to provide for my family and myself. I feel so thankful and grateful for this because there are so many people who are not able to go to college and further their education for a numerous of  reasons. I am thankful.

What are you hopeful for in the future? What are some of the good things coming in your life, your perspective or the world?

I am hopeful to graduate college and explore my options of job opportunities offered to myself. I hope to make the best decisions for myself and everyone that is a part of my life. Like I expressed to you, I have been accepted to college directly into the program I sought for. I also hope that our world isn’t screwed with the new President-elect. I am thankful.



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